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Though the Covenant has collapsed, humanity’s war is far from over…“The galaxy is in chaos. The aftermath of a star-spanning war has left everything in doubt – and the ruins of two once-mighty civilizations teetering on the brink of collapse. From this chaos, new adversaries will emerge, including a cruel and dangerous organization bent on exploiting the still-fresh passions and prejudices of the war for its own gain (and that’s just on the human side). The Covenant-that-was, a seething mixture of religious zealotry and rival alien species, is trying to regain its primacy and find a new path back to its former glory.”“Secrets and tragedies from humanity’s distant and recent past will return to haunt us, and familiar heroes will be lost and found. And out of the chaos could come a new hope for mankind: a weapon unlike anything the galaxy has ever seen… but only if Dr. Catherine Halsey and the secrets she vanished with still survive and can be brought back home.”

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