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Having Temperance Brennan for a great aunt comes with a few perks — including an invite to the famous forensic anthropologist’s book signing at Comic-Con. But while Tory and the Virals are taking in the legendary convention in all its nerdy glory, a priceless Terminator robot is stolen from the crowded exhibition hall. When the bot-napper threatens to destroy it unless a hefty ransom is paid, Tory leaps at the chance to help her Aunt Tempe with the investigation. Subtle clues lead the Virals into all the weirdness that Comic-Con has to offer — strange costumes, ferocious mock battles, and fanboy geekdom beyond their wildest dreams — but the Terminator seems to have vanished without a trace, and the clock is ticking. Can the Virals identify the thief and locate the missing robot before it’s too late?

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