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Bilbo Baggins is like any other hobbit: no larger than five feet, lives peacefully in the Shire, and his highest aspiration is to enjoy life’s simple pleasures (good eating, walking and chatting with friends). And is that all of them are so vague as good-natured, for nature, and because they just want to. But one sunny morning, Bilbo receives an unexpected visit from Gandalf, the wizard of long gray beard and tall hat, which will change his life forever. With Gandalf and a band of thirteen dwarves, and with the help of a mysterious map, our hero leave for the Lonely Mountain to rescue the valuable treasure guarded by Smaug the Golden, a terrible and huge dragon. That will have to overcome many dangers and all kinds of adventures that Bilbo could never even imagine and that will make it the world’s most famous hobbit. What Bilbo does not know is that the ring he found on the road will be the beginning of another great adventure

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